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Locations Throughout the United States

From urban lofts to suburban townhomes, The Hennessey Group is ideal for the business traveler, a relocating family, those on government or military assignments, anyone out of their home for insurance or remodeling purposes and those just wanting to spread out and relax on their vacation.

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Are you relocating for your job? Or just looking for a change of scenery? The Hennessey Group will provide a complete housing support during your relocation while you look to find the perfect area for you.

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Consulting Projects

Going out of town for a consulting project for a longer than a few days? Head out the door with only the essentials with the confidence that The Hennessey Group will help you find the perfect home away from home while you work.

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Corporate Moves

Ready to give your traveling emp[loyees the upgrade their hard work deserves? The Hennessey Group will find the perfect corporate housing solution for you. From a single employee to a full team, The Hennessey Group has the solution.

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Company Training

Need to bring employees in for extended training? The Hennessey Group can provide you with short-term housing for any employee coming by for corporate training. This is a cost-effective solution that outlives hotel costs.

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Internship Relocation

Did you just land the internship of a lifetime, but are unsure how you will make it work? The Hennessey Group will help find you a complete and convenient living solution so you can stay focused on your job. We will even provide roommate options if you desire!

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Insurance Claims

Did a disaster strike in your home? The Hennessey Group will work directly with the insurance adjuster to find the best home for your temporary stay.

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Medical Stays

Sometimes priority care means traveling to find the right doctor. If this is the case for you, The Hennessey Group will provide a temporary home while you are resting and recovering. Your comfort is our number one concern.

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Government Lodging

Military, state or local government, The Hennessey Group proudly supports our government employees by providing high-quality solutions while you are away for work. Each of our government lodging home solutions comes fully-furnished and fully stocked with everything you need to live as if it were your own home.

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