, 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Corporate Housing

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Corporate Housing

Corporate housing may not be a traveler’s first thought when booking a reservation to stay in a new city; however, corporate housing has many advantages to those traveling, and looking for temporary accommodations, as well as companies looking to send employees to different cities for short periods of time. Keep reading to find out more facts about what corporate housing has to offer.

What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing is a term for a relocation industry that goes by many names such as furnished apartments, temporary apartments, short-term apartments, serviced apartments, executive suites, and many more. Typically, corporate housing indicates a fully furnished residence with full-service amenities; therefore, you won’t need to do any significant packing. Stays for corporate housing can last from a couple of days to a couple of months, depending on the traveler’s needs. At The Hennessey Group, we specialize in temporary living needs between 6 days and 6 months.

Who uses corporate housing?

Corporate lodging has become available for both business and pleasure. While most residents tend to lodge for business trips, corporate housing is available for any traveler or person in need of temporary accommodations. Some of the most common corporate guests include:

  • Healthcare workers; travel nurses and medical researchers
  • Entertainment; stage performers and film crews
  • Professional services such as consultants
  • Government and military
  • Manufacturing and construction workers
  • People traveling for holidays

Corporate housing cuts down on extra costs

When comparing the pricing options of corporate housing to hotels, you will soon realize that hotels come at a more expensive cost. Hotels incur extra spending and bills on a day to day basis, whereas corporate housing is an all-inclusive furnished living space. Corporate housing typically includes many amenities as part of their package, whereas hotels tack on additional charges for the same services. Since temporary furnished housing providers don’t usually charge for additional services such as internet/WIFI, parking, washer/dryer, housekeeping, cable, pool, and much more, staying in a corporate housing unit can result in saving 30% to 50% over hotel stays.

Corporate housing keeps you healthy

Most traveling situations involve regular and expensive meals out since there is generally no other option available. However, corporate housing comes furnished, including a full-size kitchen stocked with appliances, dishes, and everything else needed to make your own meals. Therefore, residents have the option of eating conveniently, on their own schedule, while keeping dietary concerns top of mind, and reducing unnecessary costs. Many corporate housing locations also offer spa services, fitness centers, and swimming pools, therefore making it much easier to stay in shape and exercise while traveling.


The Hennessey Group wants future and current residents to know that we will continue to provide the highest quality temporary living solutions in keeping with the highest standards of cleanliness and quality accommodations. With locations across Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada, we have a solution for you. Call (888) 543-5890 or visit thehennesseygroup.com today.