, 5 Surprising Jobs That Require The Most Travel

5 Surprising Jobs That Require The Most Travel

Sitting behind a desk, gazing at your computer screen for a whole workday is not for everyone. Some jobs require going out and meeting with clients and even traveling long distances to make relationships and connections with people around the country.  

When job searching, it is essential to know everything about the company before submitting your application. This list will help you recognize the positions that require copious amounts of traveling so you can better understand its expectations. Traveling to a new place is an excellent opportunity to meet people, gain more connections, and to see different things that you may not have seen before.  


Being a consultant for a corporation gives you the opportunity to help other businesses fix problems within their own company. Most of the time, this requires you to travel. Depending on where the clients are, you may need to fly to them and offer your knowledge. By being a consultant, you may need to frequent these companies regularly to maintain relationships and pop in to make sure things are up to your standards.   

Sales Representative  

This job is typical in the traveling realm but can offer many benefits for the employee. With sales, you must have charisma and be able to accomplish end goals well. You are responsible for how well the client receives your information, so they can buy what you are selling. Being a salesperson is vital in the business field for closing deals and maintaining close relationships with the people you are trying to reach. Face-to-face communication is what being a sales representative is all about.  

Flight Attendant, 5 Surprising Jobs That Require The Most Travel

This job is nothing but flying and is not tailored for the queasy stomach and the faint at heart. Having proficient communication skills and being able to work well under pressure, are just a couple of qualities that make a good flight attendant. If this is your path, then be prepared for training courses and long hours. The benefits of this position are not having to pay out of pocket for the cost of your flights and hotel rooms. It is a good way for people to travel the world, while not spending your entire life’s savings.  

Construction Manager

Being a construction manager requires heavy training and patience. Having this title means that you would be required to supervise over commercial and residential projects, all the while making sure that your workers are producing at a steady rate, and keeping the budget in mind. This is where the travel part comes in, being the head of a project means that you must visit every project that you are managing. Visiting the sites is necessary to make sure everything is going the way you want it to, and that way you could catch any problems in the early stages of development.

Event Coordinator

Having years of experience and the perfect planning skills, the event coordinator is responsible for running the wedding, shower, gala or the birthday party. Depending on who and where your clients are, could depend on where you would travel to help put on your event. The more skilled at this you are, the more potential you could have to organize big events and gain more clients from all over to build up your resume.  

If the thought of sitting at a desk all day every day scares you, then use your skills elsewhere. Many jobs can provide the opportunity to travel. Now you can also keep these job positions in mind when you are looking for either a fresh start or just a change of scenery.