, Apps You Need When Moving to a New City

Apps You Need When Moving to a New City

It can be hard to take on a new city, but these apps make it easier.

Moving to a new place is hard. There’s so much to figure out, and it’s hard to get acclimated to your new home at first. It’s not just finding the nearest pharmacy and setting up your apartment, it’s also about meeting new friends and finding the places that will make you love your new home. All of this is a process, but several apps can help you along the way.

For your social life: Meetup

With Meetup, you can find different events and gatherings around town that align with your interests. There are 24 categories of events to choose from, like “food and drink” and “outdoors and adventure.” Then, you put in dates and times you’re available to “meet up,” and the app will recommend events you should attend. The app also has a messaging feature that allows you to contact other people going to an event you’re interested in. It’s the perfect app for anyone who enjoys exploring their city and meeting, like-minded people.

For your neighborhood: Nextdoor

If you ever need a quick jumpstart, or to borrow some eggs, the Nextdoor app is your best friend. It’s a private social network that connects everyone living in a particular neighborhood. So, you can ask your neighbor’s questions, share important safety information, or plan a block party on the app.

, Apps You Need When Moving to a New City

For getting around: Citymapper

Citymapper calls itself the “ultimate transit app,” and they are always adding more cities to the platform. The app knows all the ins and outs of transit, whether it be by car, train, metro, or bike. It definitely gives the easiest to follow directions for public transportation. It even keeps up with delays and other transit hassles.

For eats, drinks, and hangouts: Yelp

A tried and true app, Yelp really is the best app to have whenever you move to a new place. Since it’s massive push to refocus on community building and more helpful listings, the platform has become more helpful than ever. With the most info of any recommendation or review style app, Yelp has information on every restaurant, coffee shop and bar you need, no matter where you’re living. Some newer apps have similar features, but Yelp is still the most reliable overall.