corporate housing, Corporate Housing Trends in 2022

Corporate Housing Trends in 2022

Corporate housing continues to become more popular as the top choice for temporary housing accommodations. Here’s how corporate housing trends are evolving in 2022.   

Cleanliness & Safety 

The priorities of travelers and those seeking short-term living solutions have shifted post-pandemic. A major concern in temporary housing options now has to do with health, cleanliness, and safety. With more airborne and touch-based viral infections to worry about, having a space you only ever use is important.  

Hotels are infamous for not being sufficiently cleaned and sanitized before your stay. Other options like Airbnb’s are privately owned by individuals with no regulations dictating sanitation methods. In most popular housing situations, it’s likely your room will not be as reliably cleaned as your own space could be. 

Corporate housing providers such as The Hennessey Group offer a COVID-friendly zero-contact rental process and provide cleaning services that you can request or pass on depending on your comfort level.  

Feel & Familiarity 

Many of our clients say they opt for corporate housing for its comfort, ease of application, and customer service. Hotels lack many necessary amenities that give off a “homey” feeling. Airbnb’s have plenty of furniture, but many find it hard to get comfortable in someone else’s home, especially when you can’t customize or replace any of the furnishings.  

With corporate housing, your unit is “yours” for a reason; not only are you allowed to bring décor and pieces of your home with you, but it’s also encouraged! Corporate housing providers have situated themselves as offering homes-away-from-home instead of just a traveling pit-stop.  


Regarding long-term stays, corporate housing continues to trend as the most affordable option for a temporary stay. On average, a hotel room per night costs $150, which adds up over time. However, traditional renting isn’t always any better. Apartments usually only offer year-long leases or have minimum leases that aren’t consistent with work assignments.  

Corporate housing providers fill the niche of those needing a stay longer than a hotel and shorter than an apartment. Another perk of corporate housing is that many will offer discounted rates for longer stays, making it much more affordable than per-night hotels. 

Work Relocation Trends 

Corporate Relocation Packages 

Corporate relocation packages are becoming more popular with companies. A job-relocation survey performed by Allied revealed that 64% of the survey takers had been offered a relocation compensation package to defray travel and housing costs. With more encouragement and backing from their employers, workers are moving more toward corporate housing. 

Gig Economy  

According to the ADP, the “gig workforce” has grown 15% since 2010 and continues to grow in a post-pandemic job market. These freelancers, independent professionals, and temp workers make up 36% of US workers.

If the trend continues, the estimated number of anticipated workers participating in the gig economy will grow to 86.5 million freelancers in the next five years.

Due to the nature of the gig economy, these workers will likely need accommodations for temporary relocation since many employers will use these positions as “trial runs” before hiring them permanently. 

Hop on the Trend with Hennessey Group 

In this new and ever-changing economy, it’s clear to see why the top choice for many temporary relocators is corporate housing. 

Corporate housing is for you if you’re looking for flexible leases, privacy, safety, and the most affordable option. Experience the difference with The Hennessey Group. Contact us now to receive a free quote for your temporary stay!