Oilfield workers, Corporate Housing for Oilfield Workers – There is a Better Way

Corporate Housing for Oilfield Workers – There is a Better Way

The Permian Basin is known for its oil. Every surge in the oil market brings a great need for more workers. However, many oilfield workers are not willing to permanently relocate for this type of work. So, oil companies look to other temporary housing options. For any oilfield worker, corporate housing is the best choice for temporary lodging.   

What About Man Camps? The Truth 

While “man camps” may seem like a good option to house oilfield workers, they are far from ideal. Many of the workers’ rooms aren’t much bigger than a walk-in closet. Workers often share living quarters with strangers, with kitchens shared with as many as ten other workers.  

More than 87,000 people work in the Permian Basin oil and gas industry. The large and growing numbers of oilfield workers result in lodging complexes that are overcrowded and under-equipped. In addition, many of these sites feature unsanitary conditions.   

Man camps have earned a negative reputation for other reasons, too, though. It’s just not a happy or safe place to live, and that’s also why you might have heard complaints about the stressful living situations.  

Fortunately, There’s a Better Way   

As you can see, man camps have a well-earned history. The isolating and unsafe living conditions have inspired a search for other options that would support a happier, healthier living environment. Dr. Dawn Brown, a psychiatrist, argues that stress-free home life is connected to productivity at work 

So, as man camps increase the stress of life outside of work, the oilfield workers are less productive and less committed to the work.  At The Hennessey Group, we’re dedicated to offering the best solutions to support the needs of oilfield workers. Our flexible corporate housing options accommodate those individuals who are looking for extended-stay lodging.  

Oilfield workers fit into that grey area. They need lodging beyond what a hotel usually provides, but they don’t need or want a long-term lease due to the temporary nature of their oilfield work. Corporate housing is the perfect option for those working in the oilfield. They won’t want or need to make a permanent move, but they still want the comforts of home.  

Next Step: Get a Quote Today!  

The Hennessey Group offers fully furnished apartment homes that are comfortable and affordable. Unlike man camps, The Hennessey Group focuses on making residents feel at home. We offer full 24-hour customer service, housekeeping options, city guides, all-inclusive utilities, with wi-fi, TV, and so much more!  

At The Hennessey Group, we understand that quality of life outside of work directly affects the happiness and health of your workers. If they love how they’re living, you’ll notice improved performance and satisfaction on the job. Call us today to find out how The Hennessey Group can help your oilfield workers stay comfortable in their home away from home. Get a quote now!