, Corporate Housing For Traveling Medical Staff During COVID-19

Corporate Housing For Traveling Medical Staff During COVID-19

Nursing, along with the healthcare industry in general, is facing an unprecedented period of growth. Healthcare staffing agencies are also discovering an increase in demand as hospitals and nursing homes across the U.S. seek staff to help treat COVID-19 patients. In the coming decade, healthcare jobs are expected to amount to a massive 25 percent of all new jobs, with over 700,000 new positions for registered nurses opening from 2010-2020 alone, according to The U.S. Department of Labor. As the demand for jobs and careers to continue to rise, hospitals are choosing traveling medical staff with increasing frequency. Medical professionals in this field are willing to travel from their location, moving to wherever the demand for healthcare workers is greatest. With the steadily increasing need for traveling healthcare professionals comes the same demand for furnished short-term housing.   

Housing for traveling medical staff  

Once the traveling healthcare professionals accept a position, one of the headaches that traditionally come is attempting to find short-term furnished apartments. The healthcare staffing agencies typically offer to take care of the housing for them; however, there is a trend for the medical staff to accept a stipend over the pre-arranged accommodation. This allows medical professionals to have more control over the quality of housing they receive. With companies like The Hennessey Group, we offer fully furnished rentals, while also managing the utilities, internet, and various other amenities to provide the best quality care for all of the hard-working healthcare professionals worldwide.   

Demand for healthcare professionals  

Consider this: During 2020, the generation of baby boomers will be between the ages of 56 and 74. By 2030, one in every five Americans will be over the age of 65.   

As the generation of baby boomers continue to age, their risk of chronic disease will increase alongside their need for healthcare services. Properly staffing hospitals and nursing homes with qualified, well-educated healthcare professionals can reduce burnout, increase job satisfaction, and, most importantly, save lives. Current and future traveling medical staff are perfectly positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth in healthcare, and companies like The Hennessey Group are a meaningful resource for the traveling healthcare community.    


As the need for qualified healthcare professionals continues to increase at a rapid pace, job openings for traveling medical staff will continue to develop for many years to come. The Hennessey Group offers the corporate housing solution! With locations across Texas, New Mexico, and Nevada, we have a solution for you. Call (888) 543-5890 or visit thehennesseygroup.com today.