, Easy Goals to Accomplish Before the End of the Year

Easy Goals to Accomplish Before the End of the Year

As the year comes to an end, many begin talking about their New Year’s resolutions, but who says you have to wait January 1st to start on your goals for 2021. If there are things you said you would do all year but never got around to, don’t worry– it’s not too late to start and finish them. Not all goals have to take months to accomplish; some can be done in a matter of days, hours, or even minutes. Small progress is still progress! From personal health to organization to finance– there are still many things you can work towards at this very moment. Below are four simple goals to accomplish before 2021.

Update Your Resume

Was updating your resume one of your long over-due goals? Well, you’re in luck. Updating your resume isn’t a very time-consuming task yet still a crucial goal to accomplish. Start 2021 right and keep your career-focused resolutions on track by updating your resume. Whether you’re an experienced professional, a fresh college graduate, or somewhere in between, below are some easy yet essential updates that should be made to your resume:

  • Review your experience and demonstrate how qualified you are.
  • Support statements with facts. For example, awards and facts are both credible proofs that show you have accomplished what you’ve claimed.
  • Show off your skills by including any area of expertise or specific skills that are relevant to the job you may be applying for in the year to come.
  • Increase your keywords. Remember, if your application doesn’t contain enough overlap with the description, your application may be discarded.
  • Update Your Calendar

There’s never a wrong time to update your calendar. Stay organized by updating your calendar through March, since you probably have an idea of some of the things that are going to happen, for example: birthdays, weddings, or your company’s annual sales meeting. With various things going on in your life, having to remember every detail can elevate your stress. Whether you choose an online calendar and app, or a pen-and-paper notebook, calendars, you can help create a balance in both your academic and personal life while staying ahead of the game.

Do More Physical Activity

As the year comes to an end and you begin to set achievable goals for yourself, it may be necessary to add exercise to the list. Whether you were looking to shed some pounds, let go of stress and anxiety, or just develop overall better health, the perfect time to set a resolution and begin achieving your goals is now. Don’t let the next couple of months set you behind as procrastination is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to achieving any kind of goals. Don’t be the one that waits until January to reinvent completely reinvent yourself! Get ahead of the game and start building healthy habits now– your body will thank you for it!

Put Your Finances in Order

It’s not uncommon for people to begin preparing their budget for 2021 early on. One goal we can set as the year winds down is putting our finances in order. It’s also important to avoid waiting until the last minute and potentially missing important deadlines. Review your accounts and be confident knowing that all your finances all put in order.

Also, plan your financial paperwork before your taxes are due to ensure that your credit score is in the right shape. With preparation your accounts will look more promising. Also consider outlining a savings budget to save you from the lanes of the loans.

Start Planning for Next Year

Even if you don’t complete your goals by New Year, you’re bound to make some progress with the small accomplishments listed above. And progress means momentum– which you can use to start planning out new goals for the year to come. With January 1st approaching, you’ll be sure to hit the ground running.