, Everything You Need To Set Up A New Office

Everything You Need To Set Up A New Office

What makes an effective office?

Even if its temporary, the right office set up is important.

Whether you’re planning an extended training, temporary working space or a permanent headquarters, good office design can set your mission up to be successful. Research has shown over and over again that the work environment a company creates for its employees has a direct impact on productivity. So don’t skimp on the workplace environment too much.

Consider your budget.

There are so many costs to factor in when launching a new business or project: salaries, per diems, product development, inventory. Then, there’s a multitude of expenses that come with setting up an office. So, when thinking about how much to allocate for your office, try to find a middle ground between what your company is now and where you want it to go. Think of your office space as an asset and investment in productivity, not just an extra cost. Your budgeting choices need to reflect your company values and culture. Don’t buy anything randomly.

Location, location, location.

The location of your new working space is critical. It directly affects who you can recruit to work for your company and impacts the makeup of your company culture. First, consider your budget. Once you have a list of areas you could potentially set up in, then consider what area is most conducive to your industry. Are your customers and suppliers nearby? Then, think about amenities for your employees. Are their places nearby to get lunch? Do employees have access to childcare? Pick a location that’s affordable but also cultivates the company vibe you’re going for.

, Everything You Need To Set Up A New Office

The Layout is critical.

Every company wants to encourage productivity and creativity, but what office layout works the best? Open offices were a popular fad that is being phased out because most research shows that they don’t enhance collaboration, and reduce productivity. Instead, most design experts recommend a mix of private, quiet workspaces and collaborative spaces. That could mean everyone has their own office, but that there’s a meeting room surrounded by whiteboards with bean bags to sit on.

Add some perks.

Everybody loves a few perks! And they can even increase productivity. A coffee machine is an easy way to build good faith with your employees. Also, think about creating a space where employees can take a break and blow off steam. Whether it be a ping pong table, a karaoke machine, or even a slide, try to put at least one thing in your office that’s fun and relaxing.

Make it inspiring.

Use paint, decor, and furniture to convey something about your company’s broader mission. For a makeshift office, it might just be some posters. Or, for a headquarters, it could be a large wall mural. Just have objects that are inspiring and will help get the creative juices flowing.

Remember, you and your employees will spend the majority of every day in this space, so make it a place that is nice to be in.