, How to Handle Moving to a New City

How to Handle Moving to a New City

Moves Can Be Daunting, But Even More Rewarding

While big moves are fun and exciting, there is always uneasiness and fear associated with significant life changes, especially taking on a whole new city. In the first few days or weeks in a new place, it can be easy to feel discouraged. But don’t stay discouraged. People move away and start new lives in new cities all the time. You really can move somewhere new and thrive, but it takes some conscious effort.

Embrace alone time.

You probably won’t meet your new best friends your first day in town, so go ahead and be ready for some lonely evenings and weekends. Instead of dreading your moments of solitude, maximize them. Use the time alone to concentrate on things that you love doing, like exercising and hobbies. Also, go explore your new city. Go to different parks, restaurants, bars, museums and whatever else interests you. You’ll need to get over your fear of eating in restaurants alone or sitting at the bar by yourself; you don’t need a chaperone or constant companion. Enjoy the ‘me’ time.

Build your nest.

Whenever you go somewhere new, it’s important to build yourself a strong home base. You’ll need a place to land after a rough day. So put some time and effort into your living space. You can make a rental feel like home if you fill it with items of significance to you. Also, comfy pillows and blankets go a long way when making a new home.

Don’t compare it to “home.”

There’s an old saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So, don’t compare your new apartment, your new coworkers, your new neighbors or your new city to the old one. Instead, appreciate your new home for what it is. Find the niches of the city that you love, whether it be an adorable coffee shop or a quiet park.

, How to Handle Moving to a New CityGet involved.

Start investing in your new home by being involved in the community. There are all kinds of community groups to be a part of, like volunteer organizations, neighborhood associations, alumni chapters, churches and health clubs. In any given place, there are endless opportunities to get involved and get to know people.

Put yourself out there.

When we’re feeling nervous, it’s easy to just curl up into our shell. But you can’t hide from your new life. So put yourself out there. Go to random events, introduce yourself to people around town and at work, and be brave enough to reach out to potential new friends.

Your new move is going to be great.

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