Spending Holidays Away From Home

Spending the holiday season away from family is always difficult, especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas, as these two celebrations are often spent with many family members. The nostalgic moments and memories you hold with your family can make spending holidays away from home harder than any other time of year. However, there are some tips to keep traditions alive and feel like you’re right at home this holiday season. 

Hang with friends

When unable to spend the holidays with family, your friends are the next best option. Make plans with friends to ensure that you have someone to spend this special time with. More often than not, your friends are also looking for something to do over the holidays, so it’s a win-win. Don’t settle for binge-watching your favorite Netflix show on Christmas day – pick up the phone and make plans with a friend. 

If you’re new to an area and your friends are more like acquaintances, it is still better to spend the holidays with them than by yourself. Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends or coworkers and ask them their plan for the holidays. More often than not, if they can bring you to whatever they have going on, they will. 

Schedule a call with family

Planning a phone call or group facetime with your family can immediately make it feel more like the holidays. It’s easy to devour a plate of turkey and dessert and then crawl into bed and fall asleep. Therefore, planning a time to call your family ahead of time can ensure that your holiday nap doesn’t interfere with your family time. Get on a group facetime and say hello to your aunts, uncles, parents, and cousins as they pass the phone around. Then you can confidently crawl into bed to enter into your food coma or turn on your favorite movie. Don’t regret letting this precious time to connect with family members slip away! 

Keep traditions alive

Every holiday has its traditions and foods associated. Whether it’s turkey on Thanksgiving, ham and eggnog on Christmas, or chocolate-covered rabbits on Easter, every holiday has its meal. Most likely, your family has adopted food traditions of their own, as well. From tamales to milk noodles, to green bean casserole, to homemade desserts – try and recreate your own family recipes. Cooking the meals your family’s making at home will make you feel like you’re not missing a beat. 

Traditions can be more than just food, as well. Try decorating your home in ways that you would at home. Maybe you decorated your tree the same or watched the Christmas movie that you always do on Christmas eve, or made your aunt’s famous pumpkin pie. Whatever it may be, keep your holiday traditions alive to make it feel like you’re right at home.

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