, Thanksgiving Season Travel Tips

Thanksgiving Season Travel Tips

Whether your travel plan this Thanksgiving season is to fly or drive, this high peak travel season can turn into quite a headache. With people across the US traveling to spend time with their loved ones over a hearty meal, lines in traffic and the airport are inevitable. However, these tips will surely save you time and sanity this holiday season!

Choose the best days

The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year. Not to mention, the hectic days after when travelers tear themselves away from leftovers and Thanksgiving Day football to make the journey back home. Avoid these high traffic days by flying out the Monday or Tuesday before Thanksgiving to avoid the dreaded Wednesday travel rush. 

Pack smart

If you choose to fly Thanksgiving Day, avoid checking a bag as best you can. If you do have to check a bag, be sure to keep all necessities like chargers and medications with you in your carry on. If you’ve decided to drive for the holiday, try packing a small cooler with snacks and drinks to avoid any frequent stopping or lack of food options. 

Holiday road

Headed out on the open road? Be sure to plan your route ahead of time with either a GPS, your smartphone, or an old-school map. To avoid any holiday road traffic delays, bring along an E-ZPass or change for the tolls. Be ready for the unexpected by filling up on gas before hitting the road and brush up on tips to handle any hazardous road conditions. 

Arrive early

If you’re flying, be sure to arrive extra early and avoid any never-ending TSA lines. If you’re driving, consider any rush hour times in your city that you may have to drive through. Try even considering taking the scenic route–sometimes the longer distance may be worth it instead of having to sit bumper to bumper. 

Stay connected

Downloading essential travel apps can aid in finding out flight information like delays and airport maps. These apps can also help in deciding travel plans on the road, like any traffic issues or road closures. Major airlines like Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines also have their apps where passengers can check-in, keep track of flight status and confirm seats. 


During these peak travel times, many things can go wrong, and some issues are simply unavoidable. Do your best to be flexible and patient through this high-stress time. If something does go wrong, be sure to take a deep breath and relax.