, The Benefits of Home-Staging

The Benefits of Home-Staging

When it comes time to put a home on the market, there are two critical aspects for a home seller to consider: selling the house fast and for the most money. Home staging is a service that helps you achieve both goals.  

While home staging has an initial investment, selling a home quickly for a higher profit far outweighs the home staging starting costs. Before you consider listing your house online or putting out the “for sale” sign in your front yard, check out these five significant benefits to home staging.  

Stand Out in Your Neighborhood with Home Staging 

As soon as you’ve listed your house on the market, you begin competing with every other house in your surrounding area. The best way to look unique and appeal to potential buys is through home staging. Home staging allows prospective buyers to imagine how their future would look in the home, which increases their emotional connection to your property.   

Increase Your Home’s Value with Home Staging 

While staging doesn’t necessarily increase your home’s actual value, it can increase the perceived value. By staging your home, you’re allowing it to be perceived in the best possible light. A potential buyer can see the maximum potential your house brings, adding to the perceived value at the time. A survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp showed, on average, staged homes were able to sell for 6% above the asking price, often even higher.  

Home Staging Makes Marketing Your Homes Easier 

When it comes to proper home staging, the results should look as if the home is ready to be photographed for a home-living magazine cover. Sellers can take advantage of a beautifully staged home by taking photos and offering online tours. Potential buyers take more time to look through your house when staged because it allows them to visualize the space. Home staging provides beautiful images, detailed walkthroughs, and lasting impressions.  

Home Staging Brings More People into Your Home 

People don’t just need to find your listing– they need to be captivated by it. A study conducted by the National Association of Realtors showed that 46% of prospective buyers are more willing to visit a staged home in person after viewing it online. Home staging makes online shoppers more eager to take the next step in visiting a home, improving the buyer’s chances to place an offer.   

Home Staging Sells Your Home Faster  

Selling your home is not always an easy process. However, there are ways of making it sell much faster, and one of those ways is your home staging. The Real Estate Staging Association studied 174 homes that had been on the market for an average of 156 days before homeowners decided to hire a professional home stager. After staging, they sold an average of 42 days after their re-listing. The bottom line? staging sells!  

Whether a home has been on the market for a day or one hundred days, it is never a wrong time to bring Home Staging into the equation. It’s critical that you are properly showcasing your space to achieve all of these significant home staging benefits.   

Why The Hennessey Group?  

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