The Hennessey Group: 2020 Year in Review

2020 was a year like no other, as the global pandemic affected how we learn, connect with others, operate our businesses, and much more. It has affected directly and indirectly every aspect of how we live. Consequentially, a social distanced approach became extremely important to our everyday lives.  

While navigating the spread of COVID-19 and its effects, The Hennessey Group remained dedicated to providing excellent service no matter the circumstances and adapting to use all of our resources in new ways to better serve the community around us. We hoped that by offering new contactless services and following adequate health procedures, we could reduce the risks and stress of your move during these unprecedented times. 

With that in mind, we’d like to share some of our latest accomplishments this year and highlight how we’ve adapted each of our services and made them more convenient and efficient for our community.   

Moving Services  

Not looking to do any of the work for your next move? You’re in luck. As of 2020, the Hennessey Group is now offering our moving services and experience to everyone! From packing to setting up and vacating homes daily, our professional movers are able to safely and efficiently transport all your belongings. In addition to our moving services, we are also offering free project estimates, packing services, unpacking services, and supplies delivered upon request. Let us handle your move from start to finish and make your transition more comfortable than ever!   

Furniture Rental 

Don’t stress about needing to fill empty space by purchasing furniture immediately after your move. Stay flexible by renting from our furniture rental division, Corporate Furniture Solutions. The same furniture rental solutions we include with our temporary living solutions is now available to anyone seeking temporary furnishings. We have many options that allow you to choose the style, look, and feel that best suits your needs. You can rent by the room, piece, houseware, and kitchenware. From here, we’ll deliver, furnish, and make sure you have everything you need so that your space is living-ready.  

Cleaning Services 

As we continue to navigate the spread of COVID-19, The Hennessey Group continues to take precautionary measures to support our residents’ and employees’ health, well-being, and safety. Following the best health practices, our housekeeping staff is continuously working to protect our customers and follow adequate health procedures during this time so that you can rest easy knowing you are in a safe and secure environment.  

To better serve our community, we’ve also expanded to more than just corporate housing units. We also clean apartments, houses, condos, townhomes, and anything alike, for an additional price. With daily time slots available from 8-5, we work to find a time convenient for you!   


Looking to sell your house fast and for the most money? Home-staging may be your solution. The moment you list your house on the market, it competes with every other house in your surrounding area. Allow your property to stand out amongst the crowd with our professional home staging services. We can help buyers visualize the property and improve the perceived home value, which will ultimately reduce days on the market and lower your carrying costs.  

Moving into 2021, we are as committed as ever to providing top-notch quality service for each of our customers, no matter the circumstance. Adapting our services, from professional moving to furniture rental to house cleaning services and home-staging, the Hennessey Group is here to help! For more information on the services we offer, please check out our website.