inc 5000, The Hennessey Group Promotes Kayce Hyatt to Chief Financial Officer

The Hennessey Group Promotes Kayce Hyatt to Chief Financial Officer


MIDLAND, TEXAS, April 2, 2019

The Hennessey Group Promotes Kayce Hyatt to Chief Financial Officer


(MIDLAND, TEXAS, April 2) – National corporate housing provider, The Hennessey Group, has appointed Kayce Hyatt to the position of chief financial officer.


Kayce joined The Hennessey Group in 2016 as the business manager. In her first year, she helped restructure the company’s operations resulting in a 250 percent increase of net income. In 2017, Kayce became the vice president of operations until her recent promotion to chief financial officer.


Kayce’s diverse work history includes accounting, finance and human resources in the private sector and industries such as oil & gas, industrial construction, utility, and government. Her areas of expertise include business development, start-ups, mergers & acquisitions, financial accountability, and restructuring.


Kayce currently oversees the management team and directs the accounting and finance staff. As chief financial officer, Kayce is responsible for the management and day-to-day oversight of The Hennessey Group. Her specific duties include controlling and administering all fiscal operations. Kayce’s goal in her new position is to strengthen the company’s current position in the industry while planning future expansions.


Kayce holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration – management and accounting from Texas Tech University. Kayce is a Certified Corporate Housing Provider (CCHP) through the Corporate Housing Provider Association (CHPA).


About The Hennessey Group


The Hennessey Group provides short term living solutions for a variety of needs. The company works with clients from all over the world providing the luxury of a hotel with the comfort of one’s own home. With 55+ locations in 10+ cities across the United States, the Hennessey Group is uniquely placed and is committed to providing top-notch, luxury service.



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