, The Key to Succeeding in an Internship

The Key to Succeeding in an Internship

Landing an awesome internship can open doors for your future career, but only if you make the most of the opportunity. That means doing everything with your internship very intentionally. If you follow this basic advice, you’re destined to knock it out of the park.

Success Tip #1: Be on time.

When you show up consistently on time every morning, you’re sending a message: I want to be here, and I’ll do what it takes. It might seem like “no big deal” to show up 10 minutes late every morning, or only once a week. True, it may not get you in trouble. However, at the end of your internship, when they’re contemplating offers, they’ll remember your tardiness. So, just set four back up alarms every morning and never be late.

Success Tip #2: Finish every task.

No matter the task, whether it’s scanning documents or assisting on a significant project, do it quickly, efficiently and most importantly, well. Nobody likes reminding someone about a task relentless or re-doing someone else’s work. Make sure to prioritize tasks as well, and do the ones that are most important first.

Success Tip #3: Take the initiative.

, The Key to Succeeding in an InternshipWhenever you finish all your assigned tasks, offer to take on more work or find a project of your own. Surprise your new colleagues by showing the initiative to complete work they aren’t expecting of you.

Success Tip #4: Be resourceful.

Before asking your boss a question, make an honest effort to find the answer yourself. If it’s beyond a google search, and some are looking around the company server then don’t feel bad about asking. Just try not to depend on your boss, be solution oriented overly. If you present someone with a problem, also offer them some answers.

Do you have an awesome internship coming up?

Internship or Coop programs usually require a trimmed down version of corporate housing. The Hennessey Group can customize to fit your needs and most budgets. We even offer roommate programs!

All of our temporary accommodations include:

  • Complete furniture: When our guests first walk through the door they will see that their new space is completely furnished with bedroom items, bathroom necessities, and living room furniture.
  • Basic housewares: Each unit will be stocked with all the necessities needed to avoid our guest having to go out and purchase their own things. Guest will find pots, pans, cups, silverware, napkins, and other general household items within their new home.
  • High-speed internet access: If our guest needs to work or want to merely surf the web, we do provide our guest with the luxury of high-speed internet.
  • TV, DVD player, and cable: All our spaces come with a TV and DVD player that is equipped with an expanded cable package. Clients will have access to all local broadcast stations plus 30-50 more channels.
  • Washer/dryer: We also provide guest with a washer and dryer unit, so that they can do laundry in the comfort of their home.
  • Full kitchen: To complete that “at home” feel all of our rentals have a fully equipped kitchen stocked with a microwave oven, fridge, oven, and other appliances.

If you’re in need of living arrangements for an internship or co-op, reach out to The Hennessey Group to find a living solution.