, When Should I Use Temporary Housing?

When Should I Use Temporary Housing?

Relocation services cover more than just “corporate housing” needs.

Instead of rushing to get an apartment or paying an expensive rate at an extended stay hotel, consider using a temporary housing service when you’re faced with an unexpected move. Most temporary housing accommodations will have full furnishing, housewares, internet, cable, laundry, and a full kitchen.

These kinds of accommodations can save the day in a variety of situations. Here are a few common scenarios we’ve seen in our own experience. With this info, our hope is to help you or a loved one determine if a temporary housing solution might work for you, now or in the future.

You get a promotion.

If you’re about to start a new job in a new city, you already have a full plate. Instead of searching for a new lease, you can hire a temporary housing service to find you a short-term solution. Then, you can spend the time before your big move settling into your new promotion and tying up loose ends. After you’ve been in your new home for awhile, you can start finding a permanent residence at your own pace!

You get a summer internship

The duration of most internships aligns poorly with traditional leases. So, instead of paying for more time than they need, interns can use a temporary location service that allows for a more flexible lease period. The Hennessey Group can even help with the search for a roommate.

You are sent on a short assignment

Whether you work for Federal, State or Local Government, are a Civilian Contractor or Active Duty Military, The Hennessey Group offers fully furnished housing across the United States for short-term assignments.  We can accommodate most budgets by meeting TDY per diems, lodging allowances and cost-reimbursement for federal contractors.

Your house is being repaired or rebuilt

If there is a disaster or repair that requires you to move out of your home temporarily after an insurance claim, The Hennessey Group will work directly with the adjuster on budget constraints and at the same time, work with the homeowner to get them quickly into temporary housing with all of the comforts of home.

You need to stay near a doctor

Sometimes, advanced medical conditions require families to relocate to be near a particular facility. Patients and their families traveling away from home for medical procedures, treatments, follow-up visits or rest and recovery, can have a home base away from home. They also don’t have to take unnecessary time away from caring for loved ones while trying to find a temporary residence; a temporary housing service will do it for them.

Your staff requires extended training

There are innovative solutions to housing short-term or rotational trainees if you utilize a temporary housing service. Such programs provide a cost-effective approach to the challenge of controlling costs while ensuring trainees receive an excellent standard of accommodations and comfort while attending the all so important training program.


If you find yourself in any of these situations or want to learn more about our temporary housing service, drop us a line. We can’t wait to hear from you!