What does a Fully Furnished Apartment Include?

Compiling a list of what you need for your new apartment can be just as unnerving as finding the apartment itself. Deciding on a furnished apartment can lighten that workload, but advertising “fully furnished” can vary from apartment to apartment. This article includes a room by room list of what a fully furnished apartment should accommodate for you.

Living Room 

Usually the first room you open up the doors to, the living room should come furnished with the essentials like a sofa and chair, coffee table, end tables, and some form of electronics like a stereo system or a television.


The kitchen area in most apartments, furnished or unfurnished, will come with a stove/oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. The difference in a fully furnished apartment will be that it also comes with basics like dishware, flatware, bakeware, and serving utensils. Furnished apartments can also accommodate day to day usage of appliances like a toaster, coffee maker, mixing bowls, a can opener, food storage containers, and dish towels. Along with the kitchen, there will usually be a dining area that comes furnished with a table and chairs.


The room meant for unwinding should include basics like a bed, dresser or armoire, nightstands, a lamp or two, and a comforter, sheets, and pillows to accommodate you. The bedroom should also come stocked with a work desk and chair to complete any tasks along with a clock radio to keep your schedule timely. 


The bathroom should already have the fundamentals installed like a bathtub/shower, toilet, and sink. The minimum that should come stocked in the bathroom is a shower curtain, bath mat, and towels. They can also include items like a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and a wastebasket.


Let’s not forget what we probably use a bit of every day without even noticing: cleaning supplies. Items like a broom and dustpan, mop and pail, vacuum cleaner, laundry basket, and an iron and ironing board should come furnished to keep the apartment tidy. 


Since we’ve mentioned essentials, there is nothing more essential than working heat and air, electricity, gas, and water. Some apartments may even provide working internet access, satellite TV, cable, and telephone service already included.