, What is a short-term apartment?

What is a short-term apartment?

Learn The Ins and Outs Of Short-Term Apartments

Did you know that there are apartments available on a short-term basis that come fully furnished? Short-term apartments are also called temporary housing solutions, or corporate housing when referred to in the sense of businesses housing employees. Regardless of the term used, the purpose is to provide comfortable housing for anyone in a transitional period or on temporary assignment.  

Who can help me get a short-term apartment?

If the idea of trying to track down a short-term apartment lease stresses you out, you can use a relocation service to help you pinpoint one. Relocation services, like The Hennessey Group, work to accommodate anyone who needs to relocate-quickly. Often, when relocation occurs, there’s more going on than just packing your bags and going.

A temporary location service takes care of short-term living situations so that you can focus on all the other stuff associated with your new transition, whether its an internship, promotion, or new assignment.

Why use a short-term apartment?

It’s true that if you have to move abruptly, it’s possible to find a lease quickly. It’s also true that most hotels have an extended stay option. However, both of these routes carry more unknowns and likely are more expensive than using a temporary location service.

If you’re a business traveler relocating for a few weeks or months, the flexibility of staying in a short-term apartment can be worth it.

, What is a short-term apartment?Traditional leasing can be inconvenient.

Rushing to find a lease often turns out poorly. Even the shortest lease contract typically offered by a traditional landlord is still three to six months, and they definitely won’t allow you to live month to month. Traditional leases don’t have much flexibility, so if you do choose to sign a standard contract on a time crunch, you may end up trapped in a living situation that you don’t like.

Ideally, you only want to sign a traditional long-term lease when you’ve had adequate time to shop around town and have lived in the city long enough to know what you want. Using a temporary housing company is an excellent way to do that! In the meantime, they’ll put you in a great short-term apartment solution.

Hotels provide less value, but cost more.

The average extended stay price for a hotel is $120 per night, and all you’re getting is a continental breakfast and housekeeping. Even if your relocation is just for a month, you’re going to want more than 250 square feet of space. If you use a temporary housing service, you’ll have a full kitchen, laundry amenities and three times the living space, for around $95 a night.

, What is a short-term apartment?