Why Corporate Housing, Why Corporate Housing? What You Should Know

Why Corporate Housing? What You Should Know

If you have ever searched for long-term accommodation, chances are you have come across the term “corporate housing,” a growing industry offering companies and individuals an alternative to hotels for extended stays. But what does corporate housing look like, and how does one find out if it is the right choice to suit their needs?  

For those that require extended stretches in various locales, it may be a clever idea to reconsider a hotel as the first choice of accommodation. Let’s face it – they never quite feel like home and living the hotel lifestyle can get expensive quickly. Instead, choosing a corporate housing option will allow you to take advantage of a larger space with better amenities that will not break the bank.  

What is corporate housing?  

Also referred to as corporate apartments, executive apartments, serviced apartments, temporary housing, or short-term housing – corporate housing is fully furnished, serviced housing available to rent temporarily (typically 30 days or more.) Simply, corporate housing is a turnkey experience that serves as a happy medium between a hotel stay and renting a furnished apartment.  

Common industries for corporate housing:  

  • Healthcare: travel nurses and medical researchers.  
  • Entertainment: stage performers and film crews.  
  • Energy: oil and gas exploration workers.  
  • Professional services: consultants and trainers.  
  • Government and military.   
  • Manufacturing and construction.  
  • Finance and banking.  
  • Technology: contracted programmers.  

Homeowners temporarily displaced by a natural disaster may also occupy corporate housing – providing an equal level of comfort and peace of mind as their own home while navigating next steps. Adventurers, digital nomads, and remote workers also utilize corporate housing for extended periods.   

So, why not rent an apartment? 

The Corporate Housing Difference   

Corporate rentals and regular apartments are drastically different in several ways:  

  • Location: Typically, the number one thing a traveler looks for when trying to secure housing. Corporate housing companies understand the lifestyle of those who require temporary housing, and this attention to detail allows guests to enjoy accommodation close to where they need to be. 
  • Customer service: Corporate apartments typically deliver enhanced and more immediate customer service. This exceptional customer service also often extends knowledge of the local area for dining and events. 
  • Furnishings: While regular apartments are seldom furnished, corporate rentals are often fully furnished. Corporate units are warm and inviting with modern décor to provide comfort and peace of mind.  
  • Kitchen: Most corporate rentals include a fully equipped kitchen with pots and pans, dishes, silverware, and kitchen towels included.   
  • Utilities: Utilities are usually handled separately from rent with a regular apartment, while utilities for a corporate apartment are included in the rental agreement — no need to worry about additional bills for electricity and wireless internet.   

No matter the need, a specialized full-service corporate housing program will provide an innovative solution to short-term and extended stay needs. Housing programs at The Hennessey Group offer an innovative approach to the challenge of controlling costs while ensuring an excellent standard of accommodation and comfort while living temporarily. 

As a local company, we take pride in building relationships in each city to ensure that you feel comfortable in your new temporary home. We can guide you to the best restaurants, shops, and entertainment in each area to make your transition as easy as possible. 

Staying with the Hennessey Group affords you more space, more comfort, more conveniences, and more peace and quiet. Contact us today, and our team of experts will work with you to find your ideal corporate housing solution.