Corporate Housing, 10 Questions to Ask a Corporate Housing Provider

10 Questions to Ask a Corporate Housing Provider

Corporate housing is designed to accommodate those looking for lodging that is too extended for a hotel stay but too short for a long-term lease. Some examples include travel nurses who fill in temporarily before moving on, businessmen who need to be present for opening a new branch of their business, students who are completing clinical rotations and/or practicums, and oil field workers. However, not all options are really created equal in the corporate housing world.

Here are 10 questions you should ask your corporate housing provider!

How long is the lease?

Not all residents are searching for a 6 month or year-long lease. The flexibility is what makes corporate housing an excellent option for shorter-term leases! It’s essential to ask your corporate housing provider what lease options they offer or the minimum stay. On top of this, you can ask if there are penalties for leaving early or options to extend your stay if needed.

Is the residence furnished or unfurnished?

This question can be critical, depending on the length of your planned stay. You don’t want to find yourself without some of the comforts of home when staying in corporate housing for months. Be sure to ask what “furnished” includes as well. Providers like The Hennessey Group go above and beyond to ensure you have every home comfort!

Who is the property manager or point of contact?

For questions or concerns, you need to know where you should go. For example, find out where an onsite office is or who you should contact after hours in an emergency. The Hennessey Group provides a 24-hour customer service representative to ensure everything meets your expectations!

What transportation is available?

You don’t want to be stranded somewhere with only very few or no transportation options. Do you need to rent a car? Ride the bus? Or is everything you’ll need within walking distance? Find out what the nearest public transportation options are or need to make other arrangements.

What packages do you offer?

Packages can include more than just a basic unit rental. Utilize bundled packages to add furniture, kitchen supplies, linens, meals, dry cleaning, valet services, and more!  At the Hennessey Group every rental comes furnished and appointed right from the start.

Is there insurance?

If there is an accident or something is damaged, what’s the plan? Is this included in the initial price? First, you should determine what kind of insurance your housing provider offers to protect you and your belongings.

What’s in the local area?

When staying anywhere for an extended period, you’ll want to explore the surrounding area and enjoy yourself. Ask for a city guide or see what local attractions are in the area you can take advantage of. The Hennessey Group has extensive knowledge of local restaurants, shops, and entertainment for you to enjoy!

Can you personalize the space?

Depending on how extended your stay will be, you might want to “tweak” the look of your rental. Before adjusting anything, be sure to see the policies on customizing your residence and making any changes. Check out these tips for decorating your space in a non-destructive way!

What services does housekeeping cover?

Do you really want to worry about cleaning when you’re away from home? Many corporate housing providers will provide excellent housekeeping services. Additionally, some will even offer deep cleaning services! Get a free estimate from Hennessey Group today for deep cleaning services.

Are pets allowed?

It’s important to find out if pets are allowed in your new temporary home ahead of time. Find out in advance to make the proper arrangements to care for your pets!

The Hennessey Group knows how to keep you comfortable while away from your permanent home. Request a quote today to see how we can meet and exceed your temporary housing needs!