, Corporate Housing Trends for 2020

Corporate Housing Trends for 2020

The Hennessey Group understands the importance of staying up to date with current and upcoming trends. We have done extensive research to ensure that our company is growing, developing, and heading in the right direction for 2020. Here are some of the trends of corporate housing that we are excited to work towards in the upcoming year: 

Types of Residents: 

The Hennessey Group provides temporary housing solutions for several different reasons. Whether it be relocations, company training, internships, or medical stays, we can provide a home away from home. The types of residents we expect to see more of in the upcoming year include: 

  1. Travel Nurses: Trends suggest that with a current global shortage of nurses, more travel nurses on assignment will need living accommodations. 
  2. Millennials: In 2020, about half of the workforce will consist of millennials. Millennials ultimately look for environmentally savvy, pet-friendly, and unique housing opportunities in their search. Therefore, our amenities, locations, and policies will need to accommodate this generation. 
  3. Emergency Stays/Evacuees: With the recent abundance of natural disasters, the United States, as well as other countries, had an increase in temporary housing needs. With more individuals needing immediate corporate housing solutions, we are prepared to accommodate more disaster-relief residents in 2020.
  4. Interns: According to the latest CHPA Industry Report, the fourth largest reason for needing corporate housing solutions are internships. As companies continue to globalize, and temporary relocations become more accessible and mainstream, this number is expected to continue to increase. 


Another growing trend is safety concerns. Understandably, residents want to ensure that their temporary home is in a safe location, along with safety measures in place. This recent increase for an emphasis on safety requires companies to focus on creating a more in-depth certification process and security questionnaires. This trend is expected to continue to gain traction through 2020, and The Hennessey Group is focusing on creating the safest and most secure housing opportunities and requirements available for our residents. 

Technology & Future Goals

Technology is always evolving, and The Hennessey Group is considering this in the upcoming year. Current trending upgrades within this market include lamps with extra outlets in the base, strategically located direct USB plugs, smart TVs, and wireless speaker systems. We understand that business professionals and other occupations need fast WiFi throughout the building to ensure they can get their work or studying done. This includes implementing laptop-friendly workspaces for an optional change of scenery for our busy residents. 

Self-booking is another trend that is making its way towards the top of renters lists. Renters want the ability to book stays on their own, 24/7. An immediate reservation process ensures those looking for corporate housing have a place to call home as quickly as possible. 


The Hennessey Group understands that trends are constantly evolving and are dedicated to ensuring that our company develops with them. For more information on our corporate housing opportunities or available locations, call (888) 543-5890 or visit thehennesseygroup.com