Ultimate Guide to Corporate Housing, The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Housing: Luxury Extended Stay Solutions with The Hennessey Group

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Housing: Luxury Extended Stay Solutions with The Hennessey Group

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the demand for corporate housing has soared to new heights. As the world becomes more interconnected, businesses and individuals seek flexible, comfortable, and convenient accommodation options for extended stays. This is where The Hennessey Group comes in, offering a comprehensive luxury extended stay solution that caters to the diverse needs of business travelers, temporary relocations, and anyone else searching for a home away from home.

1. What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a unique concept that bridges the gap between hotels and traditional apartments. It provides fully furnished apartments or houses for short to medium-term stays, making it ideal for professionals on temporary assignments, business travelers, relocating employees, and even leisure travelers seeking a comfortable and upscale lodging experience.

2. Why Choose The Hennessey Group?

The Hennessey Group has quickly risen to prominence as a leader in the corporate housing industry due to its commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach. Here’s why clients choose The Hennessey Group for their luxury extended stay needs:

a) Unparalleled Comfort and Elegance:

The Hennessey Group takes pride in offering top-tier accommodations with luxurious amenities. Guests can expect plush furnishings, premium bedding, fully equipped kitchens, and thoughtfully designed living spaces that promote relaxation and productivity.

b) Prime Locations:

The company strategically selects properties in bustling business districts, cultural hubs, and scenic locales, ensuring that guests have easy access to their workplaces and nearby attractions. Convenience is at the core of The Hennessey Group’s property selection process.

c) Personalized Service:

Understanding the unique needs of each guest is essential for a memorable experience. The Hennessey Group’s dedicated team goes above and beyond to tailor accommodations to the preferences and requirements of their clients, ensuring a personalized and exceptional stay.

d) Cost-Effectiveness:

Corporate housing can be more cost-effective than hotels, especially for extended stays. With competitive pricing and transparent billing, The Hennessey Group offers superior value without compromising on quality.

3. The Booking Process

The Hennessey Group has streamlined the booking process to make it as seamless as possible for clients. Interested individuals can explore their extensive property portfolio through the user-friendly website, where detailed descriptions and images offer insights into each accommodation option. Additionally, The Hennessey Group’s experienced customer service team is always on hand to assist with any inquiries and facilitate the booking process efficiently.

4. Tailored Services for Business Travelers

The Hennessey Group goes beyond providing luxurious accommodations; they also understand the unique needs of business travelers. To support corporate clients effectively, they offer a range of tailored services, including:

a) Corporate Amenities:

High-speed internet, ample workspace, and access to business centers are just some of the amenities that ensure business travelers can remain productive during their stay.

b) Shuttle Services:

The Hennessey Group offers transportation services to help guests easily navigate the city, ensuring they arrive at meetings and events on time.

c) Relocation Assistance:

For employees relocating for work, The Hennessey Group offers guidance and support during the transition, helping them seamlessly settle into their new surroundings.

5. Ensuring a Memorable Experience

At The Hennessey Group, guest satisfaction is paramount. From the moment of booking to the time of departure, they prioritize the comfort and happiness of their clients. A 24/7 concierge service is available to address any requests promptly, and their commitment to cleanliness and maintenance ensures a worry-free experience.


In the world of corporate housing, The Hennessey Group stands out as a beacon of luxury, convenience, and personalized service. Whether for business or leisure, their commitment to excellence ensures that each guest enjoys a remarkable and unforgettable stay. When needing an extended stay solution that exceeds expectations, The Hennessey Group is the ultimate choice for modern travelers seeking a home away from home.