Benefits of Temporary Housing, Top Benefits of Temporary Housing for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Top Benefits of Temporary Housing for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

Travel nursing is an exciting lifestyle with opportunities for growth, travel, professional development, and connecting with new people across the US. It’s also lucrative with solid job growth potential. More than one million new nurses will be hired in the healthcare industry this year alone. But unfortunately, travel nurses and other healthcare workers face one major dilemma in their field of work.   

Finding the kind of short-term, flexible accommodation they need is challenging. That’s where you come in when you book extended stay lodging. Of course, with so many travel locations and short stints of work, you must be mindful of cost, convenience, and the welfare of your workers. In all of this, corporate housing is the best choice as you plan for the housing needs of your travel nurses and healthcare workers.    

It is More Affordable!  

Corporate housing is the top choice for your healthcare workers because of its affordability. However, you may turn to hotels when looking for temporary housing solutions. It’s easy to take advantage of the luxury furnishings and safe, comfortable rooms.   

However, hotel costs can quickly add up, far exceeding our corporate housing solutions’ long-term, extended-stay rates. So, it turns out that we offer a much more cost-effective temporary housing solution while still offering a hotel’s comfort and safety.     

It’s Just What Your Travel Nurses Need!   

Often, the amenities included with a simple hotel room aren’t enough for an extended stay. The good news is that corporate housing is geared toward supporting the needs of your need for extended temporary housing away from home. The amenities match a more homey, comfortable experience, so it feels like you’re where you belong!   

Our corporate housing solutions include a fully furnished living room and kitchen, but we are also taking one giant leap beyond that. First, we have all the utilities, including a washer and dryer, cable TV, and Wi-Fi to meet your technological needs. Then, of course, we offer those much-needed extras like housekeeping and grocery delivery.   

With their long hours and busy schedules at the local hospital or medical facility, they don’t have time to stop at the store. Our extended service options at the Hennessey Group deliver everything your travel nurses need to be healthy, safe, and comfortable in one corporate housing solution.   

Reduce the Stress!   

The job of a travel nurse or healthcare worker is demanding and stressful. That on-the-job stress is further exacerbated by uncomfortable, extended stays away from home with the added anxiety of being a stranger in a new place. As you focus on the mental health of your travel nurses, we focus on delivering corporate housing solutions that are quiet and safe with all the comforts of home.   

As just one part of that stress-free lodging solution, our local staff offers a wealth of insider knowledge about restaurants and entertainment. In addition, you’ll get tips, recommendations, and local tidbits that will help your travel nurses feel cared for. The Hennessey Group focuses on building relationships with residents and agencies to accommodate even those most basic needs.   

Why The Hennessey Group is Different!   

During your stay, our corporate housing staff provides 24/7 support to answer any questions and ensure your travel nurses are comfortable and satisfied with their extended-stay lodging and level of care.   

At The Hennessey Group, our solutions are tailored to each person’s individual needs. So, if you’re looking for the best solution for travel nurses or healthcare workers, The Hennessey Group offers what you want and need. Let us help you find the best housing solution. Get a free quote now!