Starting a New Work Assignment, Tips for Starting a New Work Assignment

Tips for Starting a New Work Assignment

Promotions and new assignments are exciting and nerve-wracking.

You just landed your dream promotion, and you’re moving in two weeks to start your new job assignment. Part of you is excited, but another part of you is terrified. Because, let’s face it, new jobs are scary. While no amount of advice can erase the learning curve, there are some easy ways to set yourself up for success in a brand-new position. Just at least remember to be on time.

Manage your expectations.

If it’s a new job you’re starting, research your new employer and have a good understanding of the company or employer. A significant factor in work-related unhappiness comes from setting unreasonable expectations for yourself or having unreasonable expectations about your job, especially in the beginning. Don’t expect your first day of work to go swimmingly, because it rarely does. The first day of anything is always nerve-wracking, and introductions are usually awkward. If you have an uneasy first day at work, don’t take it as a sign that you’re doomed. Instead, go back the next day, ready to try again.

Be ready for information overload.

The first few weeks of your job will be a whirlwind, so prepare yourself. On your plane trip to your new location, read up on as much as you can about your new position, and write down any questions you have. Then, starting on your first day, brace yourself. You will feel overwhelmed by training, getting to know your co-workers, and trying to understand the workplace culture. First off, don’t panic. Instead, keep a notepad on you and do your best to write everything down and ask questions as you go.

Starting a New Work Assignment, Tips for Starting a New Work AssignmentEmbrace learning.

Don’t go into a new assignment thinking you’ve got it in the bag or that you know everything. Instead, embrace the learning curve you’ll have to conquer. Reach out to other staff members to help you get the lay of the land. It’s better to admit what you don’t know and learn it than to make bad decisions based on incomplete information. Do not fear judgment; communicate your challenges and progress to your superior.

Build your team.

When starting a new assignment, it’s wise to make a concerted effort to get to know the people working with you. It will make the transition much smoother if you and your co-workers have some common ground.

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