Need Of Corporate Housing, Top Fields In Need Of Corporate Housing

Top Fields In Need Of Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a fast-growing and evolving industry that caters to the ever-changing needs of business travelers, temporary relocations, or anyone else needing an extended stay solution. While the list of career fields and reasons to use corporate housing is endless, here are a few of the most common:  


If you are relocating for your job or searching for a new one, corporate housing is an ideal option for a temporary solution while testing out a new city. Don’t worry about committing to a new home before securing a job. Corporate housing allows you to place your focus on your job without worrying about a place to live in the meantime.  

Consulting Projects 

Going out of town for a consulting project for longer than a few days? No need to live out of a suitcase and worry about meeting check-in/check-out deadlines. Corporate housing will ensure you feel right at home for your extended stay.  

Corporate Moves 

Give your traveling employees the upgrade their hard work deserves by choosing corporate housing. From a single employee to a full team, extended stay corporate housing solutions allow your employees to kick back and relax after a long day’s work.  

Company Training 

Need to bring employees in for extended training? Corporate housing can provide you with short-term housing for any employee coming by for corporate training. This is a cost-effective solution that outlives hotel costs. 

Internship Relocation 

Landing the internship of a lifetime is exciting. Finding a place to live in the meantime? Not so much. Corporate housing will help you find a complete and convenient living solution so you can stay focused on your new job. Some companies, like The Hennessey Group, will even provide roommate options if you desire! 

Insurance Claims 

Hurricane, fire, flood, mold, or tornado come without warning and have devastating consequences. But life must go on. If a disaster strikes your home, corporate housing solutions can make your temporary transition as smooth and painless as possible while working with the insurance adjuster to find the best home for you.  

Medical Stays 

Patients and their families traveling away from home for medical procedures, treatments, follow-up visits, or rest and recovery can have a home base away from home with corporate housing. Choosing a temporary housing solution over an extended-stay hotel allows you to feel as comfortable as possible so your focus can be where it should be — on loved ones.  

Government Lodging 

Whether with Federal, State or Local Government, a Civilian Contractor or Active Duty Military, corporate housing can give you a home away from home while at work. Ask The Hennessy Group about flexible budgets and accommodations to ensure you get the best deal.  

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