Pack for an Extended Stay, How to Pack for an Extended Stay

How to Pack for an Extended Stay

Yes, it’s possible to fit several month’s worths of essentials into a suitcase.

When it comes to extended stays, whether it be for a temporary work assignment, summer internship, consulting project or government contract, it can be challenging to pack for. Basically, you need a month (or more) worth of clothes.

Picking out your extended stay wardrobe.

Whenever you’re packing a suitcase for an extended amount of travel time, you’ll need to pick your pieces strategically. Definitely avoid clothes that wrinkle easily, or have difficult laundry instructions. You need pieces that can be worn several times in one month with minimal hassle. In general, favor prints and colors that can camouflage travel wear and tear. Whenever possible, go for pieces made of Synthetics, thin wool, and cotton/synthetic blends.

Before you pack it all up, lay your choices out and check to make sure you have plenty of mix and match options.

Clothing Checklist

  • 1 week supply of undergarments and socks
  • 5 bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts)
  • 7 tops (at least one with sleeves that roll up)
  • 1 sports coat or black skirt (for dressier occasions)
  • 1 black dress (for the ladies)
  • 1 garment bag for professional clothes
  • 2 pajamas
  • 1 sweater or sweatshirt
  • 1 hooded weather-resistant jacket (or parka if it’s a cold destination)
  • 1 pair of broken-in walking shoes
  • 1 pair of casual shoes
  • 1 pair of fancy shoes

Pack for an Extended Stay, How to Pack for an Extended StayHow to make it all fit.

Packing Cubes are your best friend. They are a straightforward way to keep your suitcase organized. First, they keep bulky items (like jackets) compressed. You can pack them by clothing category, which will make unpacking easier. Always wrap shoes in plastic and tuck them into corners and edges of your suitcase. It doesn’t matter very much whether you fold or roll your clothes. But, if you need to save space, try laying clothes flat in your suitcase. Also, consider leaving most of your personal grooming products at home. Shampoo, conditioner, razors, toothpaste are easy to buy once you get there.

With a temporary housing solution, the suitcase is all you need.

With the Hennessey Group, you’ll have everything you need to live, just bring your clothes. Unlike a hotel or traditional apartment, temporary living solutions provide more amenities than a bed and bathroom, so that your extended stay is comfortable.

Amenities provided:

  • Complete Furniture: To make our guest feel as at home as possible all our rentals come fully furnished (bed, couches, etc.)
  • Housewares: All accommodations contain various household items that range from pots and pans and bedding to anything as simple as silverware.
  • Internet: Guest will have access to high-speed-internet right from their new space.
  • TV and DVD player: Every space comes furnished with an LCD Flat screen TV and DVD player.
  • Cable: Our televisions are pre-loaded with an expanded cable package. Clients will have full access to all local broadcast stations plus 30-50 more channels
  • Washer and Dryer: Your unit will have a full-size washer and dryer so you can do laundry at home.
  • Full Kitchen: The kitchen has all appliances including stove, refrigerator, and oven.
  • Microwave: Don’t feel like cooking? Every unit comes stocked with a microwave for your convenience.
  • Utilities: All utilities within the unit come included (electric, gas, water, sewer, trash).
  • Storage: If needed, relocation storage areas are available for our guest.

Are you in need of relocation services? Request a quote today. Tell us how long you are looking at staying in which city and we will send you a free quote and what you can expect from our partner locations. Contact the Hennessey Group online or call 888-543-5890.