, Your Company Just Asked You To Relocate. Now What?

Your Company Just Asked You To Relocate. Now What?

Don’t scramble to find a new residence. Use a relocation service.

Sometimes in life, the universe throws us a major curveball, and quick action is required. However, most ways of finding a residence are slow and difficult. But, with relocation services that offer temporary living solutions, a sudden transition doesn’t have to be stressful.

What does a temporary housing service do?

Temporary housing services are designed to accommodate anyone who needs to relocate-quickly. Often, when a relocation occurs there’s more going on than just packing your bags and going. A temporary location service takes care of short-term living situations so that you can focus on all the other stuff associated with your new transition, whether its an internship, promotion, or new assignment.

Why use a temporary housing service?

It’s true that if you have to move suddenly, it’s possible to find a lease quickly. It’s also true that most hotels have an extended stay option. However, both of these routes carry more unknowns and likely are more expensive than using a temporary location service.

Leases aren’t flexible enough.

Rushing to find a lease often turns out poorly. If you manage to find a short-term lease, it’s usually overpriced. Even the shortest lease you can get won’t allow you to live month to month. Traditional leases just don’t have much flexibility, even if they’re short-term. If you do choose to sign a traditional lease on a time crunch, you may end up trapped in a living situation that you don’t like. Ideally, you only want to sign a lease when you’ve had adequate time to shop around town and have lived in the city long enough to know what you want. Using a temporary housing company is a great way to do that!

Hotels cost way more, for way less.

The average extended stay price for a hotel is $120 per night, and all you’re getting is a bed, microwave, and mini-fridge! Even if your relocation is just for a month, you’re going to want more than 250 square foot room to live in. If you use a temporary housing service, you’ll have a full kitchen, laundry amenities and three times the living space, for around $95 a night.

, Your Company Just Asked You To Relocate. Now What?How does our temporary housing service work?

If you decide to go with a temporary housing service, like The Hennessey Group, a representative will take you through the process of finding a temporary living solution from start to finish.

Step 1: Tell us what you want.

Our company has a range of options for temporary housing. We will use your unique situation to determine which unit and amenities are right for you. Whether you need a bachelor pad or a family-friendly home with space for your dog, we have a solution for you.

Step 2: Decide what leasing option works for you.

At the Hennessey Group, we can do leasing options that are month-to-month or for an extended amount. It’s all up to you. And of course, the longer you stay, the less you pay!  You just have to sign.

Step 3: Move in!

With a relocation service, parking, wi-fi, utilities and even furniture will all be taken care of for you. There are no hassles on move-in day.

Unsure if temporary living is the right solution for you? Tell us how long you are looking at staying in which city and we will send you a free quote. Just go to our website, The Hennessey Group. We’ll also tell you what you can expect from our partner locations.