Corporate Housing Provider, Questions To Ask a Corporate Housing Provider

Questions To Ask a Corporate Housing Provider

So, you are heading out of town for work, unsure how long you might be gone, and need a place to stay. Corporate Housing might be your answer. It can provide you with a long-stay solution and an apartment to call home while you are away.

Before deciding where to call home away from home, here are some questions you should ask.

Are there any package deals?

In many cases, a package can be customized to your needs. Depending on how long you will stay, they may include furniture, utilities, internet, gym, meals, kitchen supplies, transportation, etc.

Tip: Just like the concept of the more you bundle, the more you save, you might get a more significant discount with a larger packet that includes most of what you need for your stay.

At the Hennessey Group, all of our temporary housing solutions come fully furnished and appointed, with Wifi and cable included.

How long is the lease?

Commonly, apartment complexes lease out their units yearly, but it differs from corporate housing. You may be allowed to rent month-to-month or even choose a 3-6-9 3-month lease. Just take into consideration how long you will need to stay and if there is a possibility you may need to stay longer than expected.

Is there insurance?

When you are home and accidentally break your furniture or spill a drink on the mattress, of course, that is all on you. However, how does that work when you are renting? Are accidents included in the monthly price of the Corporate Housing cover the cost? It’s critical to ask these questions in case something occurs.

Is there a property manager?

The last thing you want is for something to go wrong and not know who to contact. So, it’s essential to establish who you can reach out to for any concerns. If you are assigned a property manager, having their contact information is valuable so you can reach them if something occurs. Nonetheless, If there is no property manager, you should have access to a hotline or an email to alert you about any matter.

What activities are there to do around the housing location?

Not only is it important to choose appropriate housing, but its surroundings matter as well. So, when you finally have some downtime and need something to do, you can go out and enjoy yourself. As about parks, special events, attractions, festivals, etc. Even though you are there for work, it doesn’t hurt to have a little fun, either.