corporate housing, How to Set up a Mobile Office in Your Corporate Housing Apartment

How to Set up a Mobile Office in Your Corporate Housing Apartment

When setting up your home office in a new space, finding a balance between minimalism and having everything you need is critical.   

Your entire office setup, not including desks or chairs, should be easily packed into one medium box or carry-on luggage. You would have an ideal office space if you could easily transport most of your “office” to and from the workplace. Bonus points if you can fit it into a briefcase or backpack.  

Personal Computers and Laptops  

Remember, you want to be able to pack up and go with ease. Bringing multiple monitors is a hassle to pack, unpack, and repack. Instead, try sticking with a company-approved, reliable laptop that you know will have all the necessary capabilities to perform the job for as long as you’re away. Remember to bring chargers!  

If necessary, look for small portable printers. While they might not have all the qualities of industrial or office printers, they’ll get the job done in a pinch.  

Stable Internet Access  

If you find yourself working from home or attending any virtual meetings, you will need reliable Wi-Fi. An excellent corporate housing provider should always have a high-speed internet connection. Make sure you know the Wi-Fi policies and related helplines before moving in.   

If you plan on bringing larger personal computers with ethernet cables, ask if the ethernet ports are working and connected to the internet.  

Clean and Well-Lit Space  

With the trend of online meetings growing more and more clear amongst businesses, you must keep Zoom-friendly office space. But what does that mean? For your office to be considered “virtual meeting” ready, there should be no clutter in the frame, with a plain solid backdrop behind your head.  

If your corporate housing situation does not allow you to have a professional-looking background, try using in-app video features to blur or change your location. Be careful, however, as the functionality and appearance of these backgrounds depend on your computer’s qualifications.  

The area in which you work should also be free of distractions. If you’re bringing a pet or family members along during your temporary stay, avoid having them in the room with you, as employers and clients alike may not take kindly to unwanted guest appearances during your presentations.  

Lastly, make sure you have good lighting in your room. Appropriate lighting setups involve a light source in front of your face. Having your primary light source behind you will darken your face, making only your silhouette appear on camera. Natural lighting can be a great way to energize your body and get you in a working mood. Good lighting is also crucial to preserving your eyesight as you work.  

Make it Your Own  

Just like with the rest of your new space, personal décor can elevate the place’s homey feel. Framing a family picture at your desk to remind yourself what you’re working towards or who you’re doing it for is a great motivator.  

Small desk calendars can also help with scheduling and jotting down meetings. One great way to decorate a space without damaging the walls is by hanging up corkboards or letterboards with inspirational quotes, pictures, and more!  

Office Supplies  

When packing office supplies, pack just the essentials. While these might vary depending on the demands of your job, you can never go wrong with pens, pencils, paper, paper clips, and sticky notes. Invest in mini versions of office supplies like mini staplers and mini hole punches if you can.  

At The Hennessey Group, we’re committed to ensuring you have everything you need for your temporary work needs, including high-speed Wi-Fi and great office spaces. Read more about our amenities and leases today!