corporate moving, 7 Corporate Moving Tips When Relocating for a Job

7 Corporate Moving Tips When Relocating for a Job

Considering moving for work? Perhaps you’re interested in an out-of-state internship or need to complete a training course in a different city. Maybe your employer needs you to relocate to better understand a project. 

With so many things on your mind, it’s easy to accidentally let things slip through the cracks during the moving process. Don’t let the big move make you forget all about the preparation that goes into it. Here are some tips to remember when packing and preparing for your temporary relocation! 

Visit and Tour the Location 

If possible, familiarize yourself with the property before your move-in. You should be able to ask for a tour of a model room and any included facilities at many locations. Depending on the property’s current availability, you might even be able to walk through your exact apartment. If you can, take pictures and jot down measurements so you’ll know the dimensions for furniture, should you decide to bring any? 

Know What’s Included: Furniture and Amenities  

In most cases, corporate housing usually provides essential furniture, so you don’t have to worry. However, the exact pieces of furniture might differ from place to place. Before packing, inquire with the property about available storage spaces like drawers, closets, and desks and chairs for potential office space. Even asking about things like a TV, toiletries, or towels can be very helpful in helping you eliminate items from your packing list. 

Pack Only the Essentials

Remember, whatever you pack for your temporary relocation will have to be unpacked upon your arrival, repacked when your term is over and unpacked again at your permanent location. So, only pack what you know you need. Similarly, while bringing décor is encouraged, packing fragile or large items is not always advisable, as the hassle of repetitive transportation might damage some of your items in transit.  

Store or Toss the Remaining Items

If you’re downsizing, consider tossing out things you no longer need, donating clothes, or leaving your belongings in a storage facility. Larger items, like furniture you plan to use after your temporary relocation, should be placed in a reliable storage facility if you can’t keep them at home.  

Make Arrangements for Your Absence 

Depending on how long you’re staying, it might be advisable to file a temporary change of address so that your mail is rerouted to your new location or stored in the post office for later pickup.  Also, make sure you pay all your bills for your current home before you leave for peace of mind. 

Create a Checklist 

When it comes to large moves where things become easily forgotten in the packing process, creating a checklist of items you plan to bring is vital. One helpful tip for ensuring you’ve packed everything is to lay out all your items and take a picture of them, so you know what you did and didn’t bring at a glance. Plus, it’ll remind you of everything you need to repack and bring back when the temporary relocation is over, so you don’t leave anything behind at your temporary home. 

Unpack Quickly 

Once you’re settled in, don’t wait to unpack. Unpacking and having all your items properly stored and displayed in your new space is psychologically proven to boost natural feelings of being at home. Now that you’re moved in, it’s time to get to work and explore the new area!  

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