, How to Relocate Employees Efficiently

How to Relocate Employees Efficiently

Make the process of transferring employees less bumpy.

While relocations are never a breeze, there are plenty of ways that human resource managers can assist in the relocation process, whether they personally oversee the entire move or just provide the individual with resources to help out.

Step 1: Figure out what your company needs.

What type of relocation is this? Permanent or temporary? Are you relocating one employee, one employee and their family or are you moving your whole team?

Using a corporate housing solution, like The Hennessey Group, is an obvious solution for temporary relocations (think like 1-6 months). But, it can also be an excellent solution for permanent relocations because it is flexible enough to accommodate families while the necessary home-selling, home-buying, and moving take place. Depending on the specifics of the relocation, it can be cheaper and easier to use corporate housing.

Step 2: Figure out what your employees need.

There’s no way to relocate employees without discussing their specific needs. You’ll need to have a frank one-on-one conversation with each individual you’ll need to transfer. Figure out their timeline: Are they ready to go? Or, are the kids still in school? Then, figure out what their individual and family needs are. You’ll need to know what their deal breakers are off the bat.

You’ll need to know the needs of the whole family, not just the individual. According to the ERC’s 2000 Transfer Volume and Cost Survey, 81 percent of the responding employers said employee/family resistance ranked as the top reason for the reluctance to relocate. You’ll need to build trust and rapport with the whole family to work through any relocation issues that come up. This is where a relocation company with a variety of property options can be helpful. Then you can choose from an apartment or a rental house for temporary moves.

, How to Relocate Employees EfficientlyStep 3: Develop an explicit relocation agreement.

Ideally, organizations have relocation policies in place before an employee needs to be relocated. But if not, you can still draw up an agreement that works. Have a stated agreement about all issues around the home sale, home purchase, household goods shipping, final travel expenses, temporary living, duplicate housing, a sundry allowance, cost-of-living allowance, and any other incidentals. It’s better to have it cleared up before relocation begins.

Step 4: Contact The Hennessey Group.

Once you’ve got the plan, let The Hennessey Group execute it for you. We will work with you and your company 24/7 and find the right solution. There are three simple steps for booking your first class extended stay experience.

  1. We will use your unique situation to determine which unit and amenities are needed.
  2. We will work with you to determine which leasing option is right from month to month to long term. The longer you stay, the deeper the discounted rates.
  3. Once your choice is made, and your lease is signed, we will prepare for move-in. We will do everything from setting up utilities and Wi-Fi to making sure you there’s furniture and parking at arrival.

The stress of working remotely or having to relocate even temporarily is unpleasant enough. That’s why Hennessey group is dedicated to taking care of the hard parts so you can focus on more important things.

Contact The Hennessey Group online, or call 888-543-5890 whether you specialize in relocation services on behalf of your company, or are an individual who needs help moving to a new city.